About Us

Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter is brand of Your Boat Holiday Srl, one of the more prominent luxury sailing and motor yacht managers and brokers on worldwide charter market. 

The continues satisfaction and loyalty and word of mouth referrals from scores of our repetitive and new customers are proof of our high standards and professionalism.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most customer-centric and comprehensive, both bareboat and crewed luxury yacht charter manager, broker and online website, focused on empowering customers with the tools and experiences they need to make better-informed decisions. We assist our clients step by step both discover yacht charter and explore their next holiday by combining details of all the yachts for that suite their needs, requested and preferences for their charter with destination information, special offers, events and market news. 

What we offer


Yacht Charters
Luxury Crewed & Bareboat Sailing Holidays

Private Holiday Planning
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Yacht Management
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Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter
suites all your yachting needs

Plan wish us your lifetime charter experience, let us take care of you

Our Team

Our team of expert charter managers and brokers, locally based in Sicily and South Italy, is pleased to schedule transportation for our guests to and from the yachts or assist with any travel arrangements such as airport pickups, inland transfers, helicopter transfers, aviation services, tours, ticketing, hotel accommodation, car rental or currency exchange, to name a few. 

The importance of relationships 

We feel that the relationship with those who approach us to hire a yacht is very important. Our choice of selected luxury boats would give anybody a second of pause! Relying on us means expecting our experience in selecting the best and most appropriate yacht. The relationship with customers and professional partners is essential to addressing the needs of our clients in the correct and most efficient way, offering the best advice on the itinerary and satisfying their every need.

Transparency and Professionalism

We are lovers of transparency and everything we do is geared toward making the yacht charter market more efficient for both customers and charter owners, managers and brokers alike. 

Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday with Us

Yacht charters are about the magic that happens when you’re enjoying a sailing holiday with your loved ones, friends, colleagues or guests. We believe that boats offer this experience better than anything else, and that’s why we have such a passion for our job.

When you book a charter through Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter we will ask you about the experience you are trying to achieve, and then provide recommendations about the boat, crew, itinerary and process to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. It’s not just about the yacht, it’s about your holiday! 

…and many other customised yachting, managing and maintenance services…


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