Filicudi boat rental services| A timeless Mediterranean experience!

Filicudi is one of the ancient most islands, off the North coast of Sicily. It is the westernmost of the eight Aeolian Islands, after Alicudi, and bears its name from 'Phoenicusa' which is a dwarf palm that grows abundantly, there. The best way to explore this hidden paradise on the Mediterranean ocean is to charter Filicudi boat rental services from Sicily’s coast. How to reach...

panarea aeolian sicily

Escape into the serenity of sea and sail with Panarea boat rental

There is an old saying in the voyagers union that, “you can never have enough of the sea!” True, for people who love marine adventure the sea calls them every moment saying “come sail with me.” For those unending desire to sail through the Mediterranean travelers can now take Panarea boat rental for a round trip to the Aeolian Islands. “Sicilian delight can put to sleep the curious cat inside...

salina aeolian sicily

Plan your holiday voyage with Salina boat rental for a memorable stay

When the morning sun rays hits those golden rocks of Salina’s beautiful coastline, voyagers cannot keep calm. Their inner soul mesmerizes with ecstasy and they want to dive along the blue line. The clear water and shimmering sun combine to invite the sea lovers into their embrace. And this is how the coastline of Salina leaves its visitors speechless. And, by taking the Salina boat rental for your cozy...

stromboli boat exscursion

The active Mediterranean volcano trip with Stromboli boat rental

Sailing gives you the high of happiness and enchantment. Floating on a vessel with a never ending blue around and above triggering the nerves of enthusiasm – this is what you are to witness in Stomboli. To add more flaming exotica to that trip avail, Stromboli boat rental and you're your hands on the private boats. Thus, like a voyager, you can enjoy your trip with style, and these services of private...

Experience Aeolian volcanoes like never before with Vulcano boat rental

Mediterranean Blues calls you every time you see the pictures. Then do not wait anymore. Pack your bags and set sail for the deep ocean awaits you. The Aeolian Islands in Sicily are the best place to quench your thirst for oceanic adventure. Sea lovers can now avail the Vulcano boat rental and visit the most famous volcanic island of Sicily. With boat charters, travellers can indulge in a number of...

lipari aeolian sicily

Enjoy exotic voyage to island spree with Lipari boat rental

Does your heart crave for exclusive getaways in the form of sea adventures? Then choose the Mediterranean Lipari boat rental for fulfilling your heart’s desire. Combining scenic beauty with history, Lipari stands as the most chosen spot among the Aeolian Islands for a sailing vacation. From thermal springs to city walks, Lipari offers it all. If it’s your forte to travel along coastlines, then start...

vulcan aeolian sicily

Visit the cream of Palermo, Cefalu and Cala Rossa on Sicily boat rental

Allow yourself to indulge in a sailing adventure in the Mediterranean this season. The blue beauty will never fail to soothe you. With such tranquil coastlines and calm breezes, Sicily unveils its cruising pleasures to voyagers from around the globe. And by availing Sicily boat rental services, you can get the bests of Sicilian unforgettable moments. Plan your visit around the coastlines of Palermo,...

Alicudi catamaran rental

Explore the Aeolian Delights with Alicudi boat rental for a thrilling escapade

  A place that boasts of pristine natural beauty, a tranquil feeling of bliss, where blue water meets the pebbles, who wouldn’t wish to experience such picturesque? Alicudi embraces its voyagers with wide arms. For every adventure hungry traveler, Alicudi boat rental services provide a round trip of this virgin Island. Just imagine the view when you stand on the uppermost area of your boat. Oh yes!...

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