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Does your heart crave for exclusive getaways in the form of sea adventures? Then choose the Mediterranean Lipari boat rental for fulfilling your heart’s desire. Combining scenic beauty with history, Lipari stands as the most chosen spot among the Aeolian Islands for a sailing vacation.

From thermal springs to city walks, Lipari offers it all. If it’s your forte to travel along coastlines, then start exploring the Mediterranean hues by visiting Lipari soon!

When to visit the Islands?

Sailing season starts around late July and lasts until August in Lipari Islands. For sunbathing on the decks of your charter boats, choose summer. The season will also give you a perfect weather to enjoy swimming in the azure waters. Thus, for you to enjoy that ideal beach atmosphere, set sail in summer months.

You can also plan your trip around 24th August to enjoy the Saint Day celebrated in the town to honor the patron St Bartholomew. By renting boat in Lipari, you can admire the pastel colors of Lipari’s tranquil landscape.

What to see?

Charter boats introduce you to the relaxing island life in the central capital of Aeolian Islands. As you anchor the boat at Lipari’s main harbor Marina Lunga, you can explore the island’s main tourists spot and savor its traditional offerings:

  1. Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano, a museum with archaeological assets. Also, see Greek theatre masks models inside the museum premises.
  2. 12th century building, Cathedral at Lipari should always remain on your list
  3. Also, do not miss the Greek open-air theatre

Also, in your Sicilian vacation itinerary, save another day for Terme di San Calogero, the thermal springs of Lipari Island. 

You can visit surrounding archipelagoes by renting boat in Lipari:

  • Stromboli
  • Vulcano
  • Filicudi
  • Salina
  • Alicudi
  • Panarea
  • Basiluzzo

What to eat?

Your yacht gives you the facility of fine dining with your loved ones. As your personal chef prepares a four-course Sicilian dinner for you, savor the food with the sweet fragrance of the Tyrrhenian Sea at your deck. However, if you want to get your hands on local foods, then anchor and walk down the lanes of Lipari. The scenic town with hanging gardens on the balconies welcomes you to the local cuisines.

Bring back Italian capers to take home and do not forget to choose a bottle of Malvasia wine, the island’s famous. Also, delight your taste buds with meats and cheeses mixed with the local Sicilian ingredients. Your Lipari boat rental service will take you around the coastline of Aeolian Islands’ for all such exotic experiences.

Make your bookings of boat rentals now to check what more is there on offer.   

Which boat to take?

Depending on your budget, tour plans and companions, you can select from the three main categories available for chartering.

  1. Sail Boats:

These small meandering wonders will take you along the sea with smooth sailing. Enjoy your relaxing ride within a range of €900 to €1000 along with your loved ones.

  1. Motor Boats:

Charter these boats that can match up with your adrenaline rush and give you the excitement of sailing adventure. It comes in an affordable price range starting from €2000 for you and your friends to enjoy.

  1. Catamarans:

Charter services offer you these vessels perfect for your family vacations. Its onboard facilities and spacious structure suit best for you and your family; at a range of €450 to €550.

Lipari Islands of Sicily are an exotic destination that has become every sailor’s dream. With Lipari boat rental, your journey will be smoother and enjoyable. Hence, book in time and prepare for a memorable voyage.   

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