Escape into the serenity of sea and sail with Panarea boat rental

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There is an old saying in the voyagers union that, “you can never have enough of the sea!” True, for people who love marine adventure the sea calls them every moment saying “come sail with me.” For those unending desire to sail through the Mediterranean travelers can now take Panarea boat rental for a round trip to the Aeolian Islands.

“Sicilian delight can put to sleep the curious cat inside every voyager.”

What Panarea offers?

Panarea being the smallest island of Aeolian chain offers a peaceful tour of Sicilian delights. By anchoring on shores of Panarea, you can take a day trip to explore the Island.  Take recommendations from your boat service and mix with locals to get the best from your visit.

Book your ride now for visiting these beautiful spots!

  1. Cala Degli Zimmari Beach – A thirty minute’s-walk from the main port, this Panarea beach attracts tourist for its tranquility. Admire the blue horizons and calm waves as you walk along the sandy beach. The overhead sun adds more to its scenic beauty.
  1. Cala Junco – A further walk will take you to this area from where you can also see Lipari. You can also swim to the grotto in middle of the sea beach. Click a perfect picture of your sun bath here!
  1. Other beaches – Once you have had enough of walking take your boat towards the three best beaches of Panarea. You can have access to these beaches only by sea. And that’s why it is best to rent boat for Panarea. Those three beaches are:
  • Lisca Bianca
  • Basiluzzo
  • Spinazzola
  1. Capo Millazese – once you have completed the beach tours, try to visit the Drauto. Nestled in the cliffs, this bay had inhabitants of the Bronze Age.

After your stunning day tour, you need a relaxation session. And a number of facilities await at your rent boat for Panarea to pamper you.

Facilities you get when you rent a boat for Panarea:

Your boat is fully equipped with the best facilities.

  1. Catamarans – These vessels accommodate your family in a spacious area to have enough room for everyone.

Rent these boats in Panarea within the range of  450 to  550.

  1. Sail Boats – Embark on a leisurely journey and meander around the blue sea in these vessels. It enables you to spend relaxing alone time with your loved ones.

Avail the rental services of these boats at a range between  900 and  1000.

  1. Motor boats – For people who love to enjoy the sea in high speed, motor boats cater to their need. It ensures they can have necessary speed to match with their enthusiasm.

So, rent these vessels starting from  2000 and cut through the blue water to reach your destination.

Thus, the Panarea boat rental services assure a grand vacation with boat charter. However, you should choose the boats after deciding a suitable time for your trip.

Choose the best time to visit:

Sicily gives three best times around the year for voyagers. to select as per their preferences.

  • April to June – The packed tourism time, during these months the summer sun records the highest temperature.
  • Mid-June to August – best time to visit who wants to sunbathe and swim in the blue water without getting a burn.
  • Mid-September to early October – The monsoon sets in slowly and cools the air around the Island. This weather welcomes people to enjoy a soothing visit.

Therefore, when you are availing the Panarea boat rental services, it can make your stay memorable. Voyagers can indulge in the best activities and yet relax in their private boats. Make your bookings fast to get the perfect deals!

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