Experience Aeolian volcanoes like never before with Vulcano boat rental

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Mediterranean Blues calls you every time you see the pictures. Then do not wait anymore. Pack your bags and set sail for the deep ocean awaits you. The Aeolian Islands in Sicily are the best place to quench your thirst for oceanic adventure. Sea lovers can now avail the Vulcano boat rental and visit the most famous volcanic island of Sicily.

With boat charters, travellers can indulge in a number of activities during their trip. They just need to choose the suitable time for visiting Sicilian delights.

When to step foot in the volcanic island?

For someone who loves to sunbathe and enjoy swimming under the Sicilian sun, begin your voyage around mid-June and enjoy the summer months. Go for deep sea diving and befriend the sun from your boat.  So when you avail boat rental in Vulcano, you can experience the scenic beauty with many activities.

Also for people who love mild and calm weather, choose the time during mid-Septembers and early October. It will help them to soothe their soul while sailing on the Mediterranean.

What are the must visit places?

Vulcano Island, the most famous volcano of Aeolian Islands, welcomes you to devour in its beautiful attractions. When you take your boat ride, be sure to include the three famous volcanoes of this island. Vulcanello, Grand Crater, and Mount Aria will add up extra enthusiasm to your trip. That’s not all! The charter rides include the day visits to these famous tourist spots in Vulcano:

  1. Visit Grotto of the hermit for witnessing the effects of beautiful lights
  2. Cliff of the Mermaid or the Black Sandy beach that visitor’s call it, is also another must visit place at Vulcano.
  3. Also, include in your day trip the Monsters’ Valley. This place is not the habitat of monsters rather lava coming from Vulcanello gave the rocks magnificent shapes. Onlookers admire the nature’s true beauty in these shapes.

So once you select boat rental in Vulcano for your relaxing stay, be ready to experience once in a lifetime journey. It will sail you through exquisite beauty of Sicilian islands.  Book now for getting the best facilities on board!

To enjoy all of these, plan a bit more and see with whom you are travelling. Get some advice below!

Choose your vessel wisely

Select the best charter boat that suits you and your companions. Boat rental services will give your various options according to the requirements. They see to it that their clients receive a great hospitality on board. From indoor dining to sea activities, these rental services give their clients all the facilities. 

When travelling with family…

As people go with families to experience the Sicilian escapade, these Vulcano boat rental services recommend them to take catamarans. The vessels are well equipped to give enough space for a family stay.

For ‘couple days’…

And for people, who like to take it slow and steady, avail the sail boats for your tranquil meandering through the sea routes. These vessels allow you to explore every bit of Vulcano by giving the needed time for each spot.

Sway in speed with friends….

Speed lovers can never get disappointed for the boat services offer their fastest motor boats to take them into the deep blues. So when the curious voyagers want to set sail with their friends, these motor boats serve the best purpose. It saves time and takes you to your destination with a high thrilling speed.

So, when you select a particular time to visit, also decide the route, it will enable you to choose the best ride available with rental services.

Sicilian Island escapades now find a whole new journey routes with Vulcano boat rental services. It offers the best facilities that one can think of while riding on the Mediterranean. Voyagers can plan their sailing with them to experience trips full of surprises and exotic beauties of Vulcano Island.

Book their services to enjoy on board stays.

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