Explore the Aeolian Delights with Alicudi boat rental for a thrilling escapade

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Alicudi catamaran rental


A place that boasts of pristine natural beauty, a tranquil feeling of bliss, where blue water meets the pebbles, who wouldn’t wish to experience such picturesque? Alicudi embraces its voyagers with wide arms. For every adventure hungry traveler, Alicudi boat rental services provide a round trip of this virgin Island.

Just imagine the view when you stand on the uppermost area of your boat. Oh yes! It’s spectacular! Nothing can beat the seascape of blue ocean meeting the coastline of eight island chains. Plan your trip to Alicudi, and you can experience everything in the most luxurious way!   

When to visit?

Sicilian trips never let you down. Every time you visit, the Aeolian Islands look new. To explore Alicudi’s every corner take your boat and anchor at places of your choice. The services to rent boat in Alicudi can be availed throughout the year. However, you can take your pick:

  1. April to June – These months record the highest tourist rate. So, people looking for quite time can avoid this peak season. However if you are looking to become a part of a huge crowd, then enjoy the scorching Sicilian sun during this time.
  1. Mid June to August – For voyagers who want to sunbathe on the deck and go deep sea diving into the warm waters, choose this time. High crowd starts to decrease and travelers can enjoy Alicudi without any disturbance. Also, this is the best time to explore every area of Alicudi that can be reached only by sea.
  1. Mid September to October – Travelers wanting to relax in a cool weather should select the monsoon time. When the advent of monsoon calms the breezes around the sea, voyagers can also experience rain.

Once you have selected the appropriate time, next is to book the right vessel for your sailing adventure.

How to rent boat in Alicudi?

Select your boat based on these factors:

  1. Areas to visit
  2. People you are vacationing with
  3. Type of ride
  4. Price range
  5. Facilities you would prefer

Different boat varieties you can choose from:

So, catering to all your needs, the rental services can provide you with three types of vessels:

  1. Motor boats meet the need of travelers who have an unquenchable thirst of high speed. People traveling with their friends can easily reach their destinations with these fast rides. Also it makes the sailing experience adventurous and satiates the curious travelers. These vessels come in a starting rate of €2000.
  1. Sail Boats are best applicable for voyagers who want smooth and slow meandering trips. Spend time with your loved ones and relax in these vessels. The sail boat will take you to every place you want to visit and you can take your own sweet time in exploring every bit. It comes at an affordable range of  900 to  1000.
  1. Catamarans are large two storey vessels that can accommodate your family for a nice vacation. Enjoy enough space for everyone onboard and watch the setting sun with your family from the deck. Also, when you meander through rocky areas, Catamarans come in handy. It will ensure a hindrance free ride for you and your family. So, book this boat at a pocket friendly range of  450 to  550.

Before the pick season, book your preferred vessel to avail the best offers now.

Visit these places with Alicudi boat rental:

Take your boat and anchor along these places to get the best of it. As you have a day trip in these places, you can admire the natural beauties with your travel mates.

  • Scoglio della Galera
  • Punta Roccazza e Scalo Vecchio
  • Monte Filo dell’Arpa e Sciara dell’Arpa
  • Rupe del Perciato
  • Timpano delle Femmine
  • Grotta della Palumba

Each of the tourist spots in Alicudi has its own specialty. Apart from visiting, travelers can also enjoy the local cuisine. From the flavors of the mainland to Aeolian ingredients, the dishes here can melt in your mouth with sweet aroma.

So, when you avail the option of Alicudi boat rental, you can expect to have a memorable ride with your fellow voyagers. Book your boats now for exploring the Sicilian delight.

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