Filicudi boat rental services| A timeless Mediterranean experience!

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Filicudi is one of the ancient most islands, off the North coast of Sicily. It is the westernmost of the eight Aeolian Islands, after Alicudi, and bears its name from ‘Phoenicusa’ which is a dwarf palm that grows abundantly, there. The best way to explore this hidden paradise on the Mediterranean ocean is to charter Filicudi boat rental services from Sicily’s coast.

How to reach Filicudi?                                                                                               

This being one of the most frequented places in tropical Europe, it is very well connected by airways and waterways. However, taking a fight will surely save time but not give you the languid feel of a vacation. You can avail boat rentals that will ferry you from Naples, Palermo or Messino. Fast and slow ferries are also available from Milazzo.

Pack your bags to bask in the Sicilian sun!

Mid May to early September is the ideal time to explore this Mediterranean Island.  Primarily because, you will get to take mud baths and hot showers! A swim at the Blue Marino cave is a must when in Filicudi. This cave has particularly crystalline depths that make it the most astounding feature of the whole archipelago!

Relish fresh olives and grapes while getting a natural tan under the summer sun!

Different boats for different tastes!

Depending upon what attracts you to this discreet small island 50 kilometers off the coast of Sicily, you can choose your boat. Dinghies, jet skis, catamarans, sailboats, gullets – all are available.

  • Catamarans-

These are multi-hulled watercrafts especially designed to sail though rocky terrains. If you have planned to explore the volcanic coasts of Filicudi, this seems like an ideal choice as most of its coastlines have rugged and steep slopes.

  • Gullets-

Gullet charters are the most popular among tourists who avail Filicudi boat rental services in eastern Mediterranean. It is a double or triple-masted wooden sailboat that offers both luxurious and economic expedition. Travelling on gullets along the Sicilian coast is among the must-try things to do when in this part of Europe.

  • Jet skis-

Jet skis are almost equivalent to speed boats that run on a motor. The calm Mediterranean Sea along the rocky coast is ideal for water sports like waterskiing and kayaking. You can spare one day from relaxing on the beach and indulging in these exciting sports!

Note: Charter services come with a full crew for assisting tourists during their stay on the cruise. Tourists might need to pay an extra amount while availing boat rentals in Filicudi for hiring full in-house services, including a personal chef.

So, don’t delay and book the best boat to Filicudi today! You never know, there might be exciting offers awaiting you.

Major attractions at Filicudi-

First task after availing boat rentals in Filicudi is to explore the Capo graziano which is its elliptical shaped coast. You can anchor the boat at the coast and trek to the top of Fossa Felsi, the highest mountain peak from where a breathtaking view of the archipelago is visible!  

Slouch on the black sand beaches or indulge in wild water sports- everything is fun in the cool blue ocean. Or if you are on a vacation with your partner, just squander away days on the deck on sailboats; you’ll not even realize when the sun gave way to the stars!

Book your Filicudi boat rental now and turn the plan into a reality!

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