What i need to know before chartering a yacht

What is the difference between crewed and bareboat yacht charter?

A crewed charter is a sailing holiday aboard a boat that provides the services of a crew aboard, so not only the captain but usually also the hostess or in case of luxury yachts and larger boats, also hostess, chef, babysitter, etc. Read more about the difference between crewed and bareboat charter

What do I need to bring with me?

Important items to bring with you should be sun glasses, suntan lotion, a hat, beach towels, a k-way, any medications you might need, sandals or deckshoes. Read more about useful items to bring on a yacht charter

Does my charter need to be a week long?

No, your charter does not have to be a week long. Many operators will ask you to charter for a week, usually Saturday to Saturday, but this is most rigid during high season (from May to September) in the Mediterranean Sea for “sleep aboard” sailing and motor yacht rental. The Caribbean is much more flexible. Read more about yacht charters duration

What is bareboat charter?

A bareboat is merely a boat that is leased without crew or skipper – you’ll have to skipper and navigate it yourself. Read more about bareboat sailing holidays

Do i need any certifications or license when i charter in bareboat?

If you need a certification or license to charter in bareboat is dependent upon the country you are in. If you do not have any sailing experiences, we strongly recommend you to hire in skipper, on the other hand if you qualify to charter in bareboat, contact us to check together the laws in your country. Read more about terms and license for bareboat charter

What is a crewed charter?

A crewed charter is a charter on a luxury yacht where a permanent crew handles the yacht and passengers. Read more about charter with crew

What kind of quality control do you do on the yachts you offer for charter?

Our team personally and regularly inspects and checks the yachts we propose to our customers for charter and meet the crew. We partecipate and visit the most important worldwide charter shows. Moreover all charter companies need to adhere to the local marine laws and regulations. Read more about our quality control policy and conditions 

How can I trust that the boat will be there when I arrive and my payments will get to the owner?

We are not only owners of yachts, but also managers and brokers. We operate in the nautical market as leader in market, selecting the most accurate yachts and dealing just with the most professional owners and managers. Read more about our professionalism, experience and guarantees

How does it work?

Which boat type and size should I choose?

The choice of your boat depends entirely on your wishes and tastes.
We are pleased to propose you the following type of sailing and motor yachts:
– Sailing boats: Entertainment, sport and relax at the same time
– Catamarans: Great stability and very comfortable, ensure fast sailing
– Gulets: Use the power of engine and sails to move and all have crews
– Motor yachts: For speed sailing enthusiasts
– Yachts: Luxurious and comfortable
Read more about the type and model of yachts to charter

Monohull or multihull?

Of course the choice depends on you. If you are not an expert sailor and want to sail with more stability, catamaran is the best one. It has multihull, it is unsinkable and usually offers more space and comfort. Moreover catamarans have shallow craft to be able to make the access to land and bays easier. Read more about sailboat or catamaran

How do i book a vessel?

If you prefer to select your boat by yourself, you can do so by using our Online Database system. At the same time, you can directly contact us and our team will propose you the most appropriate options for your charter. Read more about how to book a yacht charter

Is it possible for some people to leave and other to join the crew during a sailing trip?

Changes of the crew are possible, however, this should be indicated beforehand, before embarkation, in order to make crew lists, where the dates of changes as well information on people joining or leaving the team will be specified. Read more about changes of crew and passengers during a charter

Do the yachts have wifi?

Usually most of the yachts have wifi aboard. In case it’s not included in the charter rate, it’d possible to have internet service paying an extra (starting from 30,00 Euro per week depending on the giga package). Read more about wi-fi aboard during a charter

Are skipper and hostess services included in price?

Usually aboard motor yachts and luxury catamaran skipper (and crew) services are included in the charter rate. Aboard sailing boats and catamarans the crew has to be paid separately and it’s not included. Read more about skipper and crew costs during a charter

Where does the skipper sleep?

Usually the skipper sleeps in the salon area, but in case your are chartering a bigger boat, the skipper has his own cabin in separate area of the yacht, to give you your privacy. Every boat is registered for a certain number of people and it’s not legal to exceed this number. If this number doesn’t include a berth in the salon area, the skipper is needed to get his own cabin. Read more about where the skipper sleeps during a charter

What happens if the weather is bad?

Due to the fact that weather can be unpredictable and in some cases the ports authorities will not allow sailing due to rough weather or high seas. In this case depending on your port of departure we could plan a backup itinerary or your captain can offer a alternative route weather permitting. Read more about what happens when weather is bad during a yacht charter

What type of activities will i be able to do on board during the charter?

A few of the more common activities which yacht charter guests can enjoy based on the type and size of yacht you charter may include kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing, sailing and fishing. Read more about the activities you can enjoy aboard during a private boat charter

Can i join a group?

If you’re interested in joining a group we advice you to choose a gulet available for cabin charter for your boat holiday, a perfect solution to talk about a vessel, meeting new people and enjoying the journey with the relaxation of a team. For any details do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to give you all the informations required and get your inquiries. Read more about joining a group with a cabin charter

Where should I berth, in a marina or in bays?

In case you have sufficient electricity, water and food, if the weather is good and if you’re using the services of a skipper, you won’t have any troubles to spend the night in one of the numerous and securest bays along the coast. If navigating a vessel by yourself and you aren’t comfortable with the maritime area, we’ll gladly give you our suggestions about the safe bays in the maritime zone in which you go sailing. You might also ask the personnel of the charter service for a number of suggestions during your check-in process in the marina. Read more about where to dock a boat during a charter

Are children and babies allowed aboard?

There are not age limit for a sailing experience. Obviously adults need to monitor closely the children while they are on board and of course having the chance to start living the sea because young age, it’s a very lucky occasion also because during a sailing experience children, as adults, learn skills which are valuable for a life. Read more about family charters

When should I return the vessel to the marina?

Sailing boats and catamarans usually have to return to the marina the evening before the end of the charter. On the other hand, motor yachts have to be back at the base at time of disembark, as per contrat. Read more about when to return the boat at the marina

Can I take over the vessel before the time determined for check-in?

If you can’t wait anymore to begin your charter and you’re arriving before the time decided for taking over the boat (usually the time for check-in is communicated in advance) contact us, notifying the approximately time of your arrival at the base and our team will try to arrange with the charter agency to have the vessel delivered to you earlier, which is possible if it is not too busy in the marina at that moment. In case you’re arriving the day before or sooner and want some help in finding suitable accommodation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Read more about early check-in 

Can we change our itinerary?

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Can i learn scuba diving?

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Do yachts have special offers?

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Payments Terms & Extras

Once i book a charter, how do i pay?

The two most frequent way of paying are by bank transfer or credit card. Prior to payment, we will give you a full invoice that clearly shows the payments due in the currency of your charter. Read more about yacht charter payment method and terms

What is APA?

This is the Advance Provisioning Allowance. The APA essentially creates a bank account for the Captain of the boat to provision for your benefit. Key provisioning are gas, food, drinks and port fees. Read more about what is APA when you charter a yacht

Do i need to pay VAT?

For the uninitiated, VAT is a consumption tax charged on services and products. So, when someone buys a yacht in the EU, they pay VAT on that purchase, which can increase the actual cost by more than 20 percent. Read more about VAT in yacht charters

What are the extras of a yacht charter?

We attempt to list the prices as completely as possible on the site. However, some costs may change depending on your itinerary and needs. Read more about the estimating costs of a charter

Do i have to tip the crew? If so, what's the normal amount?

Tipping is purely voluntary and the source of endless debate. If you do decide that you wish to tip the captain – if they’ve been professional, helpful, gracious, etc – then it is customary to pay 5% to 15% of the total charter amount until you leave the boat on the last day. Read more about tips to the crew when you charter a yacht

Customise your charter

Can i choose the departure day?

Yes of course you can choose the departure day of your charter and customise your sailing itinerary, as per your interests and demands (weather permitting). Many operators will ask you to charter your yacht (either a catamaran, a sailboat or a motor yacht), for at least seven days usually from Saturday to Saturday, but this is usually requested during the high season for charters in the Mediterranean. Read more about days, dates and duration of your charter

Can i charter a yacht only for few days?

Yes it’s possible to charter yacht for few days. In the Mediterranean during the high season period, from May to September, it’s usually required to book a yacht (especially catamarans and sailing boats) for at least 7 days. In the Caribbean it’s usually required a minimum charter period of 5 days. Read more about the possibility to charter a yacht only for few days

Will we get total privacy?

This is one of the most common and reasonable questions a customer can ask to us, when planning his/her charter. When you enjoy a crewed charter, the crew will be at your complete disposal, respecting your privacy and intimacy, as well as you enjoy a bareboat charter. Read more about privacy during a yacht charter

Can i get informations about the crew?

Naturally all the customers will be informed about the crew members. We will provide you the Crew profile, so that you can get all personal and professional informations about the crew aboard and their experiences. Read more about the informations about the crew when you charter a yacht with us

Can more than 12 people charter a yacht?

Usually most of the yachts have 12 people as limit of number of persons aboard while cruising. If you have a group of more than 12 passengers, it’s often difficult to find a charter yacht to accommodate your party. But don’t worry as we have an excellent selection of yachts the will meet the needs of your group charter. Read more about charter with more than 12 passengers

Can i customize the charter itinerary?

For sure, you can customise your charter itinerary depending on your interests and preferences. The only circumstance you will have to consider while you plan a sailing route or you are cruising, it’s the weather. Read more about the possibility to customise your sailing itinerary during a charter


Who will be my referent during the charter?

Our team of expert charter managers will be at your complete disposal, 24/7, during your sailing holidays to assist you and share with you the best recommendations to enjoy your journey. Moreover our partners and base managers that operate locally will provide you exclusive services on site. Read more about contacts and staff to refer to during a charter

After i booked my charter, can i have your support to organise the trip?

Yes, we are pleased to have the opportunity to assist our customers with their charter arrangements, to give them the best recommendations about the weather, the marinas and the dockings, the buoys, the itineraries to discover, the restaurants and even more informations to let them live a life time experience aboard, and ashore. Read more about our expert support before, during and after the charter

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