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When the morning sun rays hits those golden rocks of Salina’s beautiful coastline, voyagers cannot keep calm. Their inner soul mesmerizes with ecstasy and they want to dive along the blue line. The clear water and shimmering sun combine to invite the sea lovers into their embrace. And this is how the coastline of Salina leaves its visitors speechless. And, by taking the Salina boat rental for your cozy sailing, you can start your vacation voyage soon!

Best Time to visit:

The Salina Island never ceases to surprise you. Every time one visits they witness a new blue added to the sea.  The jam-packed tourist visits began as early as April when the scorching sun shines over the head. But, for you to enjoy the calm and soothing stay, visit during the month of June.

Moreover, in late June you can pamper yourself with sunbathing and get gorgeously tanned. Also, enjoy diving into the peaceful sea.

However, as a lover of mild and cooling sea breezes set sail in the month of mid-September and October. The advent of monsoon will cool down the sea breezes, and you can experience a soothing feel to your skin.

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Stay in a royal sail:

If you ever thought about spending some alone time with the sea as you sit on your personal deck, then Salina boat rental services will give you the perfect options. Whether you want to spend the vacation with family or go for your honeymoon or even planning for a bachelor get away, the boat services cater to your every need.

  • Catamarans – These large vessels can take you meandering easily through the rocky coastline of Salina. And yet you can have enough space that accommodates an entire family for a long vacation.

Expect the prices between  450 to  550 per day.

  • Sail Boats – Rental services offer sail boats as the best option for couples. It is provide a comfortable stay as well as absolute privacy.

Rent in within a range of  900 and  1000 per day.

  • Motor boats – These vessels are best known for its high speed. So the ever enthusiastic bachelors and travelers can avail these services for adding the much-needed adrenaline rush during their journey.

The prices for rental start from  2000 as couple of day’s package.

Take a look at the ‘specials’ of your package inclusive.

Some of the package inclusive to know about –

Salina boat rental offer a number of on board facilities for their clients. Travelers can now indulge in exotic pampering by the onboard staffs –

  1. Dining facilities – Yes, people love the Sicilian cuisine, but when their onboard chefs prepare the authentic Aeolian cuisines, they can never stop appreciating the great food.
  2. Spa therapies – After a long day tour at the Salina Islands, modern spa therapies awaits at your private boat. From traditional Sicilian massage to the best Aeolian oils, the onboard spa can pamper you with care.
  3. Diving options – You can directly dive into the blue ocean as your boat take you to the best diving spots in the Mediterranean. So people availing the Salina boat rental services can anchor at every sea beach of the island and enjoy the diving.

Tourist spots to add in your checklist –

Salina islands consist of few best tourist spots in the Aeolian Islands. The Island can be small, but it opens its arms to visitors in these famous places:

  • Salt lake in Lingua
  • Roman tombs located at Fossa’s slopes
  • Madonna Del Terzito’s Sanctuary

So, when you plan your trip with Salina boat rental expect the best facilities and give fodder to your curious, adventurous soul. You can never get disappointed with these boats at your service to explore the bits and piece of Salina.

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