The active Mediterranean volcano trip with Stromboli boat rental

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Sailing gives you the high of happiness and enchantment. Floating on a vessel with a never ending blue around and above triggering the nerves of enthusiasm – this is what you are to witness in Stomboli. To add more flaming exotica to that trip avail, Stromboli boat rental and you’re your hands on the private boats.

Thus, like a voyager, you can enjoy your trip with style, and these services of private boats help you relax during the trip. However, for making the best out of your tour select a suitable time to visit the active volcano at Stromboli.

Best Time to visit:

The hot summer months begin in April and lasts until August. So people who love the scorching sun and want to enjoy the Sicily sun can book their trip during this time. However, for monsoon lover, it is best to book during mid-Septembers and Octobers. During this time they can enjoy the calm Mediterranean breeze and swim into the cool ocean water.  However, before you rent boat in Stromboli also keep in mind the places you want to visit.

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Top things to see in Stromboli:

Stromboli is home to the active volcano that still spills lava around the Island. And people love to admire that golden view. Also, this Island is a home to many great tourist spots in the Aeolian Islands.

  1. Stromboli Crater – Indulge in a climbing experience on Stromboli as a part of your day trip.
  2. Red House – a famous spot that has stories associated with the 1949 film Stromboli Terra di Dio
  3. Sciara del Fuoco – people often climb to the viewpoint that looks over at Sciara Del Fuoco. It is a scar over Stromboli’s northern side created and blacked because of lava eruptions.
  4. Spiaggia di Ficogrande – a beach that encourages people to swim around the black sand formed due to volcanic activities.
  5. Forgia Vecchia – for every person who loves to swim around a long coast line, Stromboli gives them an option in this black pebbled stretch.
  6. Chiesa di San Vincenzo – Stromboli’s main church also a distinct landmark for visitors and trekkers.
  7. Spiaggia di Piscità – another beach of black sand, you can anchor your boat and take a dive here.

Now you know how to choose your trip route when you rent boat in Stromboli.

Local cuisines to indulde in:

Did you know the locals have named one of their food dishes as Stromboli? So apart from the Aeolian cuisine that you get around the islands, taste this local delight to seduce your taste buds. Also, your personal chef can prepare the local cuisine in a way that suits your taste.

Some Aeolian Dishes include:

  • Dishes with capers
  • Caponata
  • Canestrato
  • Giggi
  • Vastiduzze
  • Spicchitedda

Along with other facilities, Stromboli boat rental services will let you savour the local delicacies with a touch of chef’s special perfection. However, you need to select the best ride that matches with your tour plans.

Selecting the right ride:

The rental services mainly provide three types of boats:

  1. Catamarans for a family vacation. These vessels give you enough space within a range of  10,000 to  15,000 per week.
  2. Sail Boats for leisurely rides with your loved ones. Sail through the sea with an affordable range between  7000 and  8400.
  3. Motor Boats for speed lovers enables voyagers to reach destination with thrilling pace starting from  14000 on an average per week.

Thus, people planning for sailing into Mediterranean adventure should take the Stromboli boat rental that can take them to those hidden places that can be reached only by the sea.

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