Visit the cream of Palermo, Cefalu and Cala Rossa on Sicily boat rental

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Allow yourself to indulge in a sailing adventure in the Mediterranean this season. The blue beauty will never fail to soothe you. With such tranquil coastlines and calm breezes, Sicily unveils its cruising pleasures to voyagers from around the globe. And by availing Sicily boat rental services, you can get the bests of Sicilian unforgettable moments.

Plan your visit around the coastlines of Palermo, Cefalu and Cala Rossa for a delight of 7 days.  All of Sicily is a dimension of imagination;” savor it with an unending rapture.

When should you plan your trip? Best time!

Seasonal sailing along the coasts of Sicily begins as early as April and lasts till the setting heat of October. The Mediterranean climate changes and coastal breezes decide the course of its peak and off seasons for sailing. Now, when your heart beats for enjoying the blazing sun, and you love to sunbathe on the open deck, then set sail in the summer months.

Boat rental services in Sicily will take you through the exquisites of its exotic locations. And you can explore Palermo, Cefalu, and Cala Rossa from its local places to most visited tourist spots.

Enjoy your stay inside in your chartered vessel:

By planning for the rocky terrains of southern Sicily, you can avail the Catamarans to glide you through the changing waves. Providing relaxing interior and top-class onboard facilities, these vessels treat you with a royal stay with style. 

Also, staying on your boat rentals is a cheaper option compared to hotel stays. Your affordable chartering of catamarans ranges from €900 to €1000 per week with all inclusive.

Highlights of this Italian beauty:

Sicily boat rental services make your travel easy, and you can anchor between your ways from Palermo to Cala Rossa for visiting Zingaro Nature Reserve. These virgin parts of Sicily are spread across seven miles where you can admire the Faraglioni along with the sandy cove. 

Boat rental services in Sicily ensure a swimming pleasure for you along these natural formations. Apart from these, also visit the other major attractions includingalermo’s Cathedral, Palazzo dei Normanni, Cappella Palatina. 

And once you become restless with long trails, come back to your yacht to relax in a peaceful surrounding. So, make your bookings ahead in time to lay your hands on the best vessels out for charter.   

Seduce your taste buds with local cuisines:

Streets of Palermo open its arms for visitors from around the world. As you anchor on the shore, try taking a walk down the streets for pampering yourself with the local food. If you love hot fried beauties, then Sicilian rice balls Arancini should be your choice. Also, you can enjoy other local foods including Pezzi di rosticceria, Pane panelle e crocchè, Rascatura, etc.

However, coming back to your boat, get ready for a special lip-smacking 4 course dinner prepared by your chefs. Cuisines offered aboard include the specialties of Sicily served on your yacht’s dinner table. Italian cuisine can take your breath away with its spicy taste and exotic smell.

Plan for a luxurious trip to Sicily: 

Sicily never stops to surprise you. You can set your sail from Palermo. There are numerous small harbors and marinas to ease your Sicilian sailing vacation. Italian sunshine and Mediterranean breeze will give you a warm welcome every time you visit this place. Hence, plan your trip and book your Sicily boat rental before the seasonal rush begins.

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