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Rising out of the pearl blue Tyrrhenian Sea, the Aeolian Islands are a mystical group of landmasses that embellish the northeastern Sicilian shores. Named after the demigod of winds, Aeolus, this archipelago offers a distinct blend of exquisiteness and tranquility. It consists of a group of seven islands namely Salina, Vulcano, Filicudi, Stromboli, Panarea, Alicudi, and Basiluzzo. The present shape of these islands came about as a result of volcanic activity over a period of 260,000 years.

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However, a maritime voyage to the Sicilian mainland will not be complete without experiencing the luxury of an Aeolian yacht charter. From sailboats and catamarans to luxurious yachts and even motorboats, we offer you every kind of hiring choices. So, pick up your anchor and set sail to this Aeolian Island.

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Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Aeolian Islands

When talking of luxurious and aristocratic cruises over the Mediterranean waters, catamarans emerge as the prime option. These double–hulled vessels are ideal for sailing over indented and rocky coastlines due to their stability. Moreover, catamarans have wide decks. It also allows for the accommodation of a significant number of guests courtesy their luxury cabins and VIP suites at disposal.

If you want to experience a truly luxurious voyage, we will recommend you to go for our crewed vessels. You will receive the services of an able captain, a chef and a full crew at your disposal. However, if you are an adventurous soul, then hire a bareboat. The only requirement from our side will be your sailing license.

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Encompassing every size and model, we offer a variety of catamarans to choose from when sailing to the Aeolian islands of Vulcano or Lipari. Moreover, our packages are affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you decide to opt for a yacht charter in Aeolian Islands.

Crewed Motor Yacht in Aeolian Islands

Motor yachts come in a couple of varieties – the small ones are compact, can cruise up to speeds of 40-50 knots and are ideal for a day’s voyage. The larger ones, on the other hand, are suited for a week’s hire as you will drop anchor at multiple places on this Isole Aeolia. Our motor yachts are completely crewed in nature. This makes them ideal to be rented for a day’s charter to the nearby islands of Filicudi, Alicudi and Vulcano.

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Hire motorboats from us and get to see the best of the Aeolian Islands. Our skippers are veterans of these waters and will ensure that you, along with your family and friends, have a safe voyage while in the Mediterranean waters.

Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Aeolian Islands

Sailboats tend to be regarded as vessels of heritage and luxury. Their long wooden masts gleaming against the temperate sun, the white sails screeching and stretching in the direction of the winds is a sailor’s maritime dream. Such an Aeolian yacht charter can be best experienced by hiring a bareboat sailboat. With the wheel in your hands, cut against the trade winds and lashing waves as you make your way through these foreign waters. However, if you are new to the place, then it is advisable to opt for completely skippered vessels. Let the captain take care of sailing as you experience the magnificence and solitude of these waters.

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Sailboats are meant for languid voyages, and we understand this requirement. With us, you will receive vessels that are precisely designed by renowned architects and engineers. These will offer you the perfect taste of aristocratic sea faring.


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Top Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter Destinations: Stromboli

Stromboli on the far-east is a rare active volcano with eruptions taking place almost daily!

You can choose to observe these eruptions either from the confines and safety of your yacht or set foot on the island to have a closer look. Excursions to climb the volcano are done in the evenings. This is completely safe as the erupting craters are still a fair distance away from the viewing point. At 924 meters, Stromboli has the highest elevation of the Aeolian Islands.

stromboli aeolian sicily

Strombolicchio | Sciara del Fuoco | Punta Lena | Ficogrande | Ginostra | Scari Beach | Piscita’ | Volcano’s Eruption |

Top Aeolian Islands Yacht Week Destinations: Panarea

Panarea Yacht Charter: Panarea is exclusive, tiny, and pricey, but spectacular. It’s also the very best island for nightlife—the handful of pubs and nightclubs here are the principal hangout for the rich and amazing. Panarea – only northeast of Salina – is a polished gem of an island. It’s picture perfect, with white hamlets garlanded in glowing bougainvillaea, narrow lanes (there are no cars on the island, only golf carts and electrical bikes), and among the wager clubs in Italy.

panarea aeolian sicily

Cala Junco | Dattilo | Lisca Bianca | San Pietro | Palomba’s Cave | Basiluzzo | Bottaro |Le Formiche | Punta Corvo | Raya Disco Pub |

Top Aeolian Yacht Charter Destinations: Lipari

At 37 km square, Lipari is the biggest and perhaps the busiest of all the Aeolian Islands. It serves as a popular tourist destination as well as the financial hub of this archipelago. It is also the base point for one’s yacht charter in Aeolian Islands.

The island of Lipari lies to the south eastern coast of Salina and the northern shore of the Sicilian mainland. The archaeological museum founded in the late 1950s is among Lipari’s prime attractions. Its indented coastline offers multiple anchorage points letting you explore many of the secluded white sandy beaches hidden behind the mangroves and treacherous rain forests.

lipari aeolian sicily

Spiagge Bianche | White Beach | Lipari Stacks | Lipari Marinas | Canneto | Acqualcalda | Pumice Queries |Vallemura Bay | Cala Fico | Canneto Beach | Ristorante da Aurora | Ristorante Filippino |

Top Aeolian Islands Boat Charter Destinations: Vulcano

Separated by a canal from Lipari, Vulcano is the only active volcanic site of the Aeolian Islands. The volcanic crater right in the middle of the island is one of the most visited sites in Vulcano.

A unique attraction of this island is its mud baths that serve as a great treatment for skin diseases and joint pains. It covers a total area of 21-kilometer square which includes a village Porto with a residential population of 250 people. The summer months though see this meager population swell to about 10,000.

vulcan aeolian sicily

The Horse Cave | Venere Pool | Vulcanello | Spiaggia dell’Asino | Spiagge Nere | Gelso| Cala Formaggio | Mastro Minico’s Cove |Praia Longa | Porto Ponente | Capo Secco | Cannitello Beach |

Top Aeolian Islands Sailing Charter Destinations: Salina

Salina is popular for its fertile green lands, verdant meadows and isolated villages located across the length and breadth of this landmass. Home to approximately 2,500 people, it is particularly popular for its mouth lacquering cuisines.

One can even hop over to one of the grape and olive wineries that adorn the coastline or take a brisk walk along the indented coastline to soak in the cool and calm temperate breeze. You simply cannot complete an Aeolian Islands yacht charter without a visit to Salina. So, hire your yacht today and embark on the most memorable trip.

salina aeolian sicily

Santa Marina | Malfa | Leni | Capofaro | Punta Scario | Pollara |Rinella | Lingua | Alfredo Restaurant | Capofaro Resort |

Top Aeolian Islands Yacht Week Destinations: Alicudi

Alicudi Yacht Charter: It’s situated at the northern extremity of the archipelago and was called “Ericusa” because of the great amount of heather growing on its land. The volcanic source and also the hemispheric shape along together with the conformation of the earth are the reasons for the scarse population of the isle concentrated on the eastern side. Alicudi is accessible just with good weather and offers no safe anchorage.

alicudi aeolian sicily

Contrada San Bartolo | Contrada Sgurbio | Filo dell’Arpa |

Top Aeolian Yacht Charter Destinations: Filicudi

Deriving its name from the ancient Greek name Phoenicusa, Filicudi is a small and relatively quiet island part of the Aeolian archipelago. It has a population of 235 people spread across an area of 25 square kilometers.

Filicudi is full of small picturesque caves known as ‘grottoes’; Blue Marino being the most famous one. Most of these caves are close to the beach and serve as excellent touristic points. So, plan your trip, book your vessel and embark on a breathtaking voyage!

filicudi aeolian sicily

Filicudi Porto | Pecorini a mare | Valdichiesa |

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